What is winou

It is a Free Service Announcement Platform that aims to allow anyone, anywhere and anytime, to offer any service while remaining compliant with the law.

We host the content of services uploaded by customers (text, photos, etc.) and the services are validated by the administrator. We do not intervene in the communication between professionals and users. Consequently, we have no control over the quality, safety of the services listed, the veracity or accuracy of the services posted online, the ability of professionals to provide service or the ability of users to pay for the services. We cannot assure that the professional will conclude the service.

Registration conditions

Our services are reserved for persons legally capable of entering into contracts under Algerian law. Our services are not available for minors under the age of 16. If you do not meet these conditions, you should not use our services.

Description of services

The announcements describe the services to be provided and the details of the professional's contact. They can only include text, location and an image that you provide to us. All ads posted must be in the appropriate category and section. The professional is solely responsible for the choice of the category in which he wishes to list his service. The referencing of a service can in no way be interpreted as a guarantee from Winou on the authenticity or the origin of this service.

Prohibited services

As a member of Winou, you are required to ensure that the service you wish to acquire or serve is authorized on Algerian territory.

Without excluding other remedies, we may suspend or terminate your account if it turns out that you are engaged in fraudulent activity in connection with our site and mobile application or the posting of prohibited services.

Winou has the right but not the obligation to refuse, move or withdraw from the mobile application or site any services deemed "by the admin" to be suspicious or not in accordance with the spirit and objective of the application. . We may suspend or deny you access to the application if we consider that your actions are interfering with the activity of any other user.

Members are invited to report services that do not respond to the spirit of Winou.

Ads containing a prohibited service will be systematically removed by the administrator.

Privacy and personal information collected

We are the only recipients of the data transmitted to us.

We collect a certain amount of data necessary for the proper functioning of the service and for the publication of advertisements.

The information collected can also help to get to know you better and to resolve any disputes between users, or to keep you informed of our news.

Only the information appearing in the services is accessible to the public.

Winou uses the information collected on the mobile application and the site in accordance with its policy on personal data.

Winou reserves the right to use the information collected for commercial purposes

Disclaimer and limitation of liability

Winou does not intervene in the communication between professionals and client, you release us from any responsibility in the event of litigation between several members for any complaint, and any present or future damage, presumed or not, noted or not, resulting directly or indirect of these claims.

As it is difficult to authenticate users on the Internet, we cannot confirm the identity of each member.

Winou can in no way be held responsible for the opinion of a user regarding the use of the services of this site, or mobile application.

As long as the website, mobile application, and information and services are provided free of charge, we will not be liable for any loss or damage of any kind.

Winou can in no way be held responsible for delays or drops in performance resulting directly or indirectly from natural disasters, forces or causes beyond its reasonable control including but not only problems specific to the Internet network, failures of computer equipment. , network or telecommunications equipment failures, other equipment failures, power failures, strikes, labor disputes, riots, insurgencies, public order disturbances, lack of personnel or equipment, fires, floods, storms, explosions, force majeure.